Kitchen & Bath Tps & Tricks


Natural stonework such as granite countertops and marble vanities, have grown very popular for use in kitchen and bathroom improvement of high end condominiums and designer homes. They have rapidly become an esteemed alternative above the conventional laminates, vinyl or fabricated countertops which are long out-of-date. Because marble and granite is relatively expensive and labor intensive to install, consumers could be seeking information about effectively maintaining its aesthetics.


While granite is stronger and more resilient than marble, it is chemical resistant and can withstand higher temperatures. Granite countertops can be stained nevertheless granite is far less permeable than marble. Marble is also somewhat softer than granite, and more vulnerable to heat and chemicals. Even lemon or vinegar can cause damage to the surface.


The initial step is to preserve marble and granite countertops with a stone sealant right before it is installed. It is also recommended to use a sealant every year. Stone sealing products are available in a spray or liquid type and the treatment is generally very easy to do. Read the directions on the container to be sure it is right for your countertop and comply with the guidelines for use.


There are a variety of cleaning products especially designed for marble and granite countertops to keep them appearing like new for many years. Avoid using other purpose cleansers; they might be cheaper, but some of them may result in damage to the surface. Wipe up spills immediately to avoid the temptation to use an abrasive cleaner or scrubbing cloth.


Though natural stone is heat resilient, scratch and break resistant and somewhat soil resistant if correctly sealed, care should be taken to quickly clean up spills and avoid setting hot pots and pans directly on the surface. Your natural stone countertop may be extremely reliable and abuse-resistant, but that doesn’t mean it is abuse-proof. Just remember, you invested a good deal of time to select the design, you paid hard-earned money for the installation as well as taking pride in the style and elegance it has contributed to your kitchen. So, take great care of it to ensure it keeps a new look for years ahead.


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