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Bathtub Refinishing and Restoring Porcelain Sinks

Sprucing up old, faded and grimy porcelain sinks is one interior remodeling project that can make a huge difference in how your bathroom looks. The bathroom sink is a major focal point in your bathroom, and old and discolored sinks can detract from the room’s aesthetic appeal. Professional bathroom remodelers can help ensure the project provides outstanding results.

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Porcelain sinks are popular because they provide a softer look than stainless steel or stone sinks and work well with light wood cabinets. They’re also easy to clean, and fairly resistant to wear and tear. Over time, however, they can become grimy and lose their luster. A professional bathtub refinishing dallas tx can help restore porcelain sinks to their former glory, adding color and luster back to the sink.

To begin restoring a porcelain bathroom sink, the remodeler will thoroughly clean and wipe down the sink, removing any debris. This will help ensure an epoxy primer the restoration artist will use will adhere to the sink.

Next, the bathroom remodeler will attach medium-grit sand paper to a sander and sand the surface of the porcelain sink. The sanding will help even out the surface of the sink and add a little texture to the surface. This will help the paint adhere to the sink.

When that’s done, the remodeler will even the surface further by sanding with fine-grit paper. When the sanding is complete, the bathroom remodeler will clean the sink of debris again.

Next, the remodeler will apply a bonding agent to the sink. After the bonding agent sets, the remodeler will apply a light coat of epoxy primer. After application, the primer will need to sit for about 20 minutes.

When this is done, the remodeler will do some spot sanding with fine-grit sand paper, clean the sink again, and add another coat of epoxy primer. The restoration artist will then apply several layers of acrylic topcoat paint using a paintbrush. After the coats of paint have been applied, the sink should rest undisturbed for about a day before being used again.

When seeking to restore your porcelain sink, it pays to hire a professional bathroom remodeler. Professional remodeling artists have the skills and experience to do a fantastic job. They also often have access to specialized tools and paints that can make the project much easier and produce better results than home owners can if they tackle the project as a DIY endeavor.

The Benefits of Using Custom Windows

Tired of using and following other people’s ideas instead of your own? Maybe you’ve had enough of being forced to utilize designs that aren’t exactly to your liking. Then it’s time to make a change. And it starts with using custom designs.

north texas home exteriors
north texas home exteriors

This is also applicable when you’re having windows installed or used as replacements for your home or office. Imagine having the power to finally have the final say when it comes to the design and look of your windows. You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief as you’re seemingly the one in charge, for a change.

So what can you actually get out of customizing your windows? Why, benefits that you previously weren’t able to enjoy, of course! Time now for you to marvel at the following benefits of using custom windows.

Superior Aesthetic Quality

Custom windows allow you to enjoy superior aesthetic quality. There is no question about that one as you have control as well as the final way on how your windows will look like. A good example of this has to do with window openings. Based on North Texas Home Exteriors, you can’t have an opening that’s larger than it. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to fill the gap that’s left with moulding or sheetrock. With custom windows, that won’t be the case as you can match the window size with that of the opening.

Easier to Install

Another benefit of using custom windows is that they’re easier to install. This is regardless of whether professional installers do it or DIY enthusiasts take it upon themselves to do the installation.  One reason is that there is less need for the so-called prep time for custom windows. Another is that less additional materials are required just to correct the size of the window opening for the window.

Better Energy Efficiency

Custom windows also equals better energy efficiency. This is because custom windows are made to match and fit on to the window openings exactly. The result is that there is less chance of any air leakage around the windows. Air loss will no longer be a problem. And custom windows will help you fix it.

No Problem With Matching

With custom windows, there is little to no problem with matching. You’ll have no problem matching up the look of the windows with the exterior and interior areas of your house. Custom windows provide you with a bit more freedom when it comes to the look and style of your windows. After all, you can always match them very easily.

Endless Design Options

Custom windows also offer you endless design options. Or very numerous designs, at the very least. You’ll never feel hampered by the limited window design available to you at the time. It might be available in hardwares or lumber yards. Choosing custom windows also means that you can use several different window styles throughout your home. You might want to have a different window design for every room of your home.Each of the rooms in your home could then enjoy having a unique and distinctive look.

Without question, these are some main benefits of using custom windows. It’s definitely worth considering these when you’re in need for window installation or replacement.