To clean house in an Eco-friendly way is a lot more pleasant with the use of non-toxic natural products that won’t leave you with a headache and also doesn’t require a costly trip to the store. Natural solutions actually clean more effectively with less cost and keep you and your family healthier. Some natural cleaners are already in your fridge and pantry. If you have got baking soda, lemons, vinegar, an old towel, and other common household items, you can clean Eco-friendly without spending any money at all.

• Freshen Up with Baking Soda: Use baking soda to scrub the baked-on residue away from your pans. Baking soda is the best thing to clean hard stains. Use its odor-absorbing properties. The example is keeping a box in your fridge, also you can sprinkle baking soda into carpets to keep them fresh — don’t forget to vacuum up the excess the next day.

• Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner: Vinegar a truly wonderful product, you can replace many of your household cleaners with it. Clean all the types of glass surfaces; your glasses and windows will be perfectly clean with concentration liquid mixing vinegar and water. Try it with a bit of recycled newspaper instead of Windex to clean mirrors and glass. You can also replace your rinse agent with vinegar in your dishwasher. Mix vinegar and water in equal parts and use it as all-purpose floor mopping solution.

• Polish metals with lemons and also it’s a very good toilet cleaner: If you have stainless steel in your kitchen. Make it shiny and spotless with lemon and a bit of salt or baking soda. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle salt or baking soda, then use it as a scouring pad to polish steel. After a rinse and wipe with a soft cloth, your fixtures will look new. Other astonishing properties of Lemon are its juice is a very good toilet cleaner and smells fresh. You can use it against hard watermarks and deposited soap layer. Lemon peel also is used as a natural air freshener.

• Homemade Air fresheners: Quit your air freshener habit — and reduce the number of chemicals in your home. Make delightful room fresheners with aromatic foodstuffs. Just cut your favorite fruit (apple) into large chunks, add a handful of whole spices (citrus, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and other wonderful spices) and add water so you can keep it simmering on the stove to release its aroma.

Nowadays, protecting the environment is the main concern. If we talk about the Cleaning service provider the change to Eco-friendly cleaning practice begins. I am writing this from my personal experience, I called Maidsway to my place for cleaning services; they used all the natural homemade products to clean my house. The cleaning service personnel also guide me on how I can use my household items to clean stubborn stains. It was a great experience and awaking towards the environment.

Once you replace your household cleaners with Eco-friendly options, you won’t stop! On the other hand, all of your homemade solutions are cheaper than buying a fancy store brand of cleanser. Eco-friendly clean ways are better for the planet, too.

Try our tips to embrace a more Eco-friendly cleaning routine. See what a difference a little Eco-ingenuity can make. Your house will be sparkling.