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Which is the best choice for new kitchen countertops; Marble or Granite? Both are excellent quality products that provide appeal and richness to any home. Both are readily available in a wide range of colors and can be finished with a number of treatments to achieve varying appearances. Both choices are easy to care for with products and sealants that are primarily designed for application on these products.


Naturally they have their variations as well. Let’s take a look at the Advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make an intelligent decision about which of these products is best for your decorating taste.


About Marble


Marble is metamorphic stone found deep in the earth. Its fundamental component, calcium carbonate, is found all over, from sedimentary rock to antacids. This ordinary substance is recognized by other labels, based on its use and form. Limestone is a sedimentary form of calcium and is found in the earth, where it goes through intense heating and pressure to be developed into what we appreciate as marble.


Incredibly, this rock can also be ground to a filler substance for use in many different products such as pharmaceutics, notepaper, white wash and cement hardener. Marble is a beautiful, resilient material, but it can also be porous and can easily be marred by acid or direct heat. Even when a quality sealant is applied every year to take care of the countertop, care must be taken or your marble countertop could be ruined by hot skillets, various substances or citric acids such as lemon or orange juice. Because marble is porous, it can be blemished. If it is scratched, liquids can seep under the sealer and stain the marble.


Marble is a breathtaking surface material and should be appropriately cared for to sustain its beauty. It is most suitable for low traffic areas or sculpting, but when employed as a countertop or flooring, extra caution and upkeep are needed.


About Granite


Granite is also a metamorphic rock that is found deep in the earth. It is made of quartz, silicon, feldspar, mica and various other minerals. Like marble, it is developed using high pressure and heat. Granite is also quite stunning and will bring richness to a home. It is not as porous as marble, so it is more resistant to chemicals, heat and acids. The quartz is the element that provides the hardness and endurance compared to that of marble.


Granite is even more stain and scratch resistant than marble and holds up well in high traffic areas, making an appropriate building material for kitchen counters and floor surfaces. Utilizing a proper sealant and maintenance, it will last for years with no scratches, chipping, cracks or discoloring.


Granite slabs are very heavy, so putting in a granite countertop may call for additional support for your existing cabinets. Granite can be relatively expensive because installing it is labor intensive, but the cost is without a doubt made up for by its exquisiteness and beauty.


Granite is more readily obtainable and more plentiful than marble. Granite is found in Arizona, New Mexico and a few northern states and it’s easier to ship, easier to obtain and cheaper to use. Marble is imported from South America or Europe.


And so, the choice is up to you. Both materials are beautiful and stylish but granite tends to stands up more effectively in high traffic areas and countertops and has a greater resistance to discoloration, chemicals, heat and scratching. Both surfaces need to be kept up with specifically designed cleaning agents and sealers and both are sturdy and long-lasting.


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